Catering Services


The staff of Southern Comfort Yachts bring aboard the best of Charleston's chefs and menus to provide our guests lunch or dinner with a nautical flair.

Each charter is different and so is our menu.  We are often asked to prepare low country cuisine, and while that may include "she crab soup" our chef's range and diversity is vast and dramatic.

Fresh fruits, select cheeses, shrimp just off the boat and aged to perfection beef are just the beginning.  Our crew and chefs also select the right wine to complement each plated dinner, buffet or steward presented hors d'oeuvres.

Causal buffet of Carolina Barbeque or elegant five course dinner, our chefs prepare and serve the best that Charleston has to offer aboard Southern Comfort or any one of our yachts.

We pride ourselves in providing a high level of service in the often challenging environment of a yacht underway, and promise that no guest will ever leave one of our yachts hungry.

Please contact us at 980-254-5572 anytime and we will be happy to customize your harbor dinner cruise menu with a limitless selection of culinary delights.

Catering Pricing

Each charter menu is individually priced based our client's requests.  But most casual dinner cruise menus price out around $35.00 per person.  Formal plated five course dinners are normally between $65.00 and $75.00 per person.  For more information about our elegant candle light formal dinners and a sample menu click here:
Beverage Services

We provide beverage service at our cost, in other words the bar is not a profit center for our boats. You pay exactly what we pay at Harris Teeter, Total Wine or the local ABC store. 

Simply let us know your complete beverage request and our crew will make sure it is brought aboard and chilled properly well before you arrive.

Staff Charges

Bartenders are normally billed at a rate of $150.00 per cruise each.

Wait staff and Stewards are billed at a rate of $125.00 per cruise each.

Chef service fees at set by our chefs but range normally range from $100.00 to $300.00 per cruise.
Gratuities are set at 18% and are calculated on the total bill exlusive of taxes and are split between the captain, deck crew and steward equally.
Service Fees are included in our charter rate.




A word about Do It Yourself Beverage and Food

If you're looking for a group charter with food and beverage services, you've come to the right place. And the best way to start is by telling us your budget. We can then advise you as to the best way to maximize your dollar.

You might think "BYOB" is the cheap route but actually its not. Beyond dragging a cooler down the dock and forgetting the ice and cups there's the hassle of getting to the store, loading and unloading and in many cases the fear of running out. What happens is most "BYOB" guests over buy and then have to drag the leftovers back down the dock two hours later.

Let your crew do the work for you. It makes their life easier for them and you'll look like a seasoned boat owner heading down the dock vs some amateur dripping in sweat while trying to find a dock cart to get your drinks aboard.  

The same is true for food. Our chefs and caterers are pros and they know the correct amounts of food to prepare and their costs are always less than what you you'll end up paying if you do it yourself.

Still want to "DIY" for your charter? We're happy to allow that as well. Normally you'll pay a galley fee and a cleaning charge around $100.00 each.