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Southern Comfort Yachts, LLC

The Charleston City Marina

17 Lockwood Drive

Charleston, South Carolina 29401

You’re welcome to call us at: 980-254-5572
or if you like email us at:
We would be thrilled to hear from you at anytime.
Keep in mind we are often on the water and away from the computer and may not be able to take your call. But we really strive to reply just as soon as possible. But if you sent an email and haven't received a reply within 24 hours give us a call or better yet text us. 
Note: You have a much better chance of getting a "right now" reply with a text message. If you do call and leave a voice mail, great! We will call you back just as absolutely as soon as possible.
But: If you call from a phone and leave a different number than the one you called from, chances are we won't call you back right away, and you'll just get lost in the 20 other calls that came in while we were out on the water.