Your Crew


Captain Chris McIntire, a life long yachtsman conducted his first charter at the age of 12. Chris holds a USCG 200 Ton Masters License as well as a FAA Private Pilots license.


Captain Lucas Smith, (June 22, 1971 - July 20, 2011) is the captain and owner of Ospery. Lucas also serves as captain aboard Southern Comfort and Sara Rose. Raised on Sullivans Island Lucas knowns the waters of Charleston better than anyone around.

Cara Lee "Carly" Donohue, (August 10, 1983 - July 20, 2011) aboard Osprey in the Charleston Harbor. Carly is "all weather" rated serving aboard the casual Osprey or Classic Innisfail. Carley is a joy to have on board.
Shannon Pulls a draft beer for a guest aboard Osprey. Shannon does duty as stew aboard Southern Comfort and Sara Rose as well, she is our best loved mixologist.

Angela Watford is a Chief Steward and our expert at guest happiness. Aboard yachts a good steward is never seen but always there. Glasses are refilled and rooms cleaned as if by magic, clean is everything.


From the moment you step aboard, to your final goodbyes and your first steps on your way home, it is your crew that makes your stay aboard a yacht an amazing journey.


Our crew provides our guests with a five star experience that is best described as always attentive but never intrusive.


If you have traveled aboard a cruise ship you might have noticed how crew members work behind the scenes.


Tending to your stateroom while you are gone and almost as if by magic towels appear long before you request them, your coffee is at your breakfast table before you can even ask. These are things that make cruising fun.


It is in this tradition our crew works to achieve excellence every day aboard Southern Comfort and her sister ships.


This same philosophy applies to our service staff, caterers, dock staff and engineering staff as well.





Note: Lucas Smith and Carly Donohue died 4 years ago as a result of an aviation accident. This page serves as a small reminder of the big part they have played in our lives, they are deeply missed.
Ellie McIntire, loves Charleston and the water. She can often be found aboard yachts Southern Comfort, Sara Rose and Innisfail during charters and weddings attending to every detail.

Whit Neal Leans over Osprey's Pilot House Rail. Whit served as a sergeant with the Charlotte North Carolina Police Department for 37 years. He now serves as chief engineer aboard our yachts and when needed as our "security detail".


Helen Smith, aboard Southern Comfort on the way to Hilton Head Island. 

Vera Belan, (right) and Shannon (left) aboard Southern Drawl on the ICW. Vera also crews aboard Sara Rose, Innisfail and Osprey as well as Southern Comfort.

The smallest member of our crew is "Pooh" aka "Pooh Bear" who often travels on our shorter charter trips to Savannah, Beaufort and Hilton Head Island. The overly friendly Yorkie is a rescue and loves our guests.


Allison Carris at the helm of Southern Comfort is one of our Stewards, the Florida Native now makes her home in Charleston and we couldn't be happier to have her aboard.