After years of avoiding this we finally decided to give in and add the ubiquitous "Frequently Asked Questions" page. But we decided to break it down into sub categories. Questions we hear a lot, questions that only a boater would ask and some really dumb questions. 
Q: Do you Allow Smoking?

A: NO!

Q:Do you allow children?

A: Well behaved children are always appreciated and considered.

Q: Can we smoke cigars?

A: NO!

Q: Will I get sea sick?

A: Generally No, even people who are prone to seasickness normally don't have a problem dockside. That said some of our yachts are outside of the seawall and occasionally the Ashely River can get a little "bouncey" it normally subsides within an hour when the tide changes or the wind eases.

Q: Can we swim off the boat?

A: NO! - The City Marina Dates to the early 1940's and there are electrical cables some as old as the marina, that are often in the water under the docks. Stray electrical current in the water can be fatal.

Q: Can we use the jet ski or Boston whaler?

A: No - Sadly insurance companies have seen fit to make it impossible to allow our guests to enjoy our water toys while in the states. 

Q: Do you allow parties and events aboard?

A: No - In the past we have hosted dozens of "yacht hop" charity events having 20 or more guests aboard. The coast guard has made it clear this is not permitted.

Q: Can we cook aboard?

A: Yes - Most of our yachts have fully stocked galleys. We only ask that our clean leave the galley just as they found it.

Q: Can we bring our own alcohol?

A: Yes - But please don't bring you hard sided cooler aboard.

Q: Is there a charcoal grill aboard.

A: No - And No you can't bring a charcoal grill aboard. Fire is the greatest risk to a marina. Boats with thousands of gallons of fuel and open flames are not a good combo.

Q: Can we take the boat out?

A: Yes, our crew is always happy to get our yachts underway. But keep in mind it is not cheap and the crew is not always available at a moments notice.

Q: Can we have more than six passengers on a charter?

A: Yes and No. Many of our boats are "inspected" by the USCG and therefore can take more than six passengers. Most of our smaller boats are not inspected and therefore they are limited to no more than six passengers.

Q: Why are your charter prices so high?

A: Sadly boating is not cheap. Consider that an afternoon of racing around Charleston Harbor in a small 18 foot Boston Whaler will burn about 60 gallons of fuel.  That's $250.00 up in smoke with about 4 hours of run time. Then imagine pushing your house around the harbor. Buring 50 gallons of fuel an hour isn't the only cost. For every hour of run time we send 3 hours of labor dockside. While your charter may run from 6-9 our crew arrives hours before and often won't get home until well past midnight.

Q: What type of engines does Southern Comfort have?

A: Detroit 12-71 Diesels. Twelve cylinders with 710 horsepower.

Q: How much water does Southern Comfort draw?

A: Normally 5 feet 3 inches A little more with full tanks and eight passengers.

Q: How many gallons of fuel does Southern Comfort hold.

A: About 1,265 gallons in two tanks. All but 100 gallons usable.

Q: How much does is cost to run a big yacht per hour?

A: More than you would think. Beyond fuel and crew costs there are maintenance costs, insurance, dockage and wear and tear. In short our fixed costs average out to just under $300.00 per hour.

Q: Is Southern Comfort hard to drive?

A: Surprisingly once you get past the size, she's really easy to drive. Docking is actually easier than with a small boat because she is not blown about by the winds or pushed by the current like a small boat. 

Q: What is the range of Southern Comfort?

A: About 700 Miles, Just shy of reaching Bermuda when the weather is nice.

Q: Does Southern Comfort have bow thrusters?

A: No. We are old school but with 32" props and 710 horse power a side, she's pretty easy to spin around.

Q: How much is dockage?

A: Southern Comfort pays near $1,000.00 per month in dockage fees.

Q: Can we take the boat out without the crew?

A: No - The USCG requires a licensed Captain and so does our insurance company.

Q: I see you don't allow dogs, is it ok if we just tie our dog to the dock or up on deck?

A: No. Yes - A Guest did this.

Q: Is it ok we shoot off fireworks from the boat.

A: NO! - All the boats have large amounts of fuel on board. We like media coverage but not the kind that comes with stupid.

Q: Can we dive off the top of the boat into the water?

A: NO! - If you do the marina staff we force you to leave the property.

Q: Can we play beer pong or corn hole on the dock?

A: NO! - Your best bet to rent a nice beach house and have a great time.

Q: I see you boat sleeps 8, but how many can it really sleep? Can't people sleep on the floor and out on deck?

A:  Sorry we just aren't that kind of property. Plus the Coast Guard has limits as to the number of guests that are permitted.

Q: How many boats do you own?

A: None Southern Comfort Yachts, LLC is a broker and booking agent only. That said the owners of Southern Comfort Yachts, LLC own 3 boats and many of the additional boats we offer for charter are owned by friends we've know for years.

Which is why we are very particular about who we rent to.

Q: Can we feed the pelicans and seagulls.

A: Yes - But do so at your own risk. There is a Pelican who has become rather aggressive and he likes Doritos. Please don't confuse the seagulls with pigeons. If you feed the pigeons you won't be able to walk off the boat without getting pooped on.  

Q: We've been bare boating the BVI's for years and never use a captain. Why do we need a crew?

A: Bare boating in the BVI's is a great and very safe way to build on your knowledge about boating. But the breezy open waters of the BVI's are no comparison to the busy port of Charleston. Besides the complex piloting skills involved with the operation of the yacht there are rapidly changing currents and tides, and countless shoals and underwater hazards that your hired crew are knowledgeable of.

Q: I have a friend and he always takes out at least a dozen people, and we all chip-in to pay for the fuel. Why can't we do that aboard your yachts?

A: Because that is illegal.  

Q: We are from Colorado and smoke weed hope that's ok?

A: No. Its not ok! First you can't smoke on board. Second its not legal in South Carolina and finally the US Coast Guard has a "zero tolerance" policy when it comes to boating.

Are far as we are concerned smoke all the pot, weed, grass, marijuana you like, just don't bring it on the boat. 

Q: Your pricing says one price per night, but then I see you charge extra for more than one couple. Isn't that misleading?

A: There is no real way to price the boat affordably for just one couple any other way. So we charge one price for 2 adults staying aboard as a couple, known as double occupancy. Plus an additional fee for each extra guest or stateroom again based on "double occupancy".